Services for Passengers with Disabilities

Redwood Coast Transit accommodates passengers whose disabilities prevent them from using fixed route buses some or all of the time, with other options: local paratransit “Dial-A-Ride” service in the Crescent City area, and route deviation “flex stops” on regional bus routes within Del Norte County.

To use Dial-A-Ride service please refer to the Dial-A-Ride section of this online Rider’s Guide.

In locations where Dial-A-Ride service is not available, “Flex stop” service is available within ¾ mile of Redwood Coast Transit routes within Del Norte County. To request a flex stop, check the bus schedule for approximate times that bus routes operate in your area; then call (707) 464-6400 to make a reservation. To be sure that you can ride when you would like, please make your reservation at least one day prior to the day of service. “Flex stop” requests made on the day of service are subject to space and schedule availability.

Redwood Coast Transit accepts as proof of paratransit eligibility the RCT ADA Paratransit Certification ID Card and equivalent cards issued by other U.S. public transit agencies.

All RCT buses are wheelchair lift equipped.

If you have a hearing disability, please contact RCT through California Relay Service at 1-800-735-2929.

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