Smith River Fire Complex – RCT Service Update
Saturday, August 19th at 10:30am

12 Noon Update – RCT will offer a special return trip of Route 20 from Klamath to Crescent City to support the Salmon Festival attendees. Route 20 will start at Pem-Mey at 3:26pm, the regular scheduled time, and arrive in Crescent City before 4pm.

Redwood Coast Transit is operating its regular Saturday service, with exception of the 10am SB departure of Route 20, which has been cancelled. RCT is offering a special General Public Dial-A-Ride (GP DAR) to get people to the Cooling Centers opened at Del Norte High School, Smith River School, and Margaret Keating School in Klamath. RCT advises to use regular RCT fixed routes to the cooling centers when possible. RCT is launching an emergency GP DAR to assist in providing emergency transportation. Call 707-458-4895 to request a trip to a cooling center or other critical destination. The GP DAR will operate until 8pm tonight. RCT will post an update this evening or when the situation changes.

RCTA appreciates everyone’s patience as we struggle with the regional power outage due to the Smith River Fire Complex. Please check back frequently and follow RCT on facebook for the latest updates in this fluid, rapidly changing situation. Call 707-458-4895 for updates but please exercise patience if you don’t get through on the first try. RCT phone lines are down, this cell phone is the only way to reach us for now.

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