Board of Directors

Chairman, Darrin Short (Del Norte County)
Vice-Chairman, Beau Smith (City of Crescent City)
Bob Berkowitz (Del Norte County)
Alex Campbell (City of Crescent City)
Vidette Roberts (Citizen at Large)

The Redwood Coast Transit Authority Board of Directors generally meets at 5:15pm on the fourth Monday of every other month at the Flynn Administration Center located at 981 H Street in Crescent City. However, due to the pandemic, meetings are on Zoom and may occur off schedule. All RCTA Board Meetings are noticed to the public at the Flynn Government Center at least 3 business days in advance.

Please check here for future agendas as some meetings are cancelled or rescheduled due to various reasons. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, RCTA Board Meetings will be held online via Zoom until further notice. Please refer to Del Norte County’s Media page ( for upcoming schedules and instructions for accessing and watching and/or participating.


View Redwood Coast Transit Authority Board of Director’s Meetings on the the RCTA page at

Agendas and Minutes


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