Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & Reasonable Modification

Redwood Coast Transit grants all citizens equal access to all its transportation services. It is further the intent of Redwood Coast Transit, that all citizens are aware of their rights to such access. The information presented below is designed to serve as an educational tool for citizens so that they may understand the laws that protect their benefit of Redwood Coast Transit programs and services, specifically, as it relates to 1990 Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Passed by Congress in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law aimed at addressing the needs of people with disabilities, prohibiting discrimination in public services and public accommodations. To be protected by the ADA, one must have a disability, which is defined by the ADA as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment. The ADA does not specifically name all of the impairments that are covered.

Redwood Coast Transit is committed to ensuring that no person is denied access to its services, programs, or activities on the basis of their disabilities, as provided by title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination under ADA, you may file a written complaint with Redwood Coast Transit. The complaint must be filed no later than 180 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory incident.

Pursuant to the regulations of the United States Department of Justice, which require the designation of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Disability Access Coordinator, the Executive Director for Redwood Coast Transit shall be responsible for and designate qualified staff as the ADA and/or Disability Access Coordinator (DAC) who will administer the processing of all complaints or grievances as well as coordinate Redwood Coast Transit’s overall efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under the Act. The Executive Director or DAC shall also administer all complaints brought pursuant to Title 24, California Code of Regulations, concerning both privately and publicly funded accommodations.

Reasonable Modifications

Reasonable Modification Requests

A rider may request a modification to Redwood Coast Transit policies, practices or procedures to accommodate his/her disability. Modifications will be considered and granted as long as it is determined that the rider is not able to fully use Redwood Coast Transit’s services, programs, or activities for their intended purpose without the requested modification and said modification does not:

  1. Fundamentally alter the nature of Redwood Coast Transit services, programs or activities;
  2. Create a direct threat to the health or safety of others;
  3. Cause unreasonable financial or administrative burden

To request a reasonable modification to current policies, practices, or procedures complete the Online Reasonable Modification Request Form.

ADA Complaints

Any person who wishes to file a complaint alleging any action by Redwood Coast Transit prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations may file a written complaint as soon as possible, but no later than 180 calendar days after the alleged violation or discriminatory act. Your complaint must be in writing. Submit an online form. If you need assistance in making the request or completing the request form, Redwood Coast Transit staff will provide assistance. Please contact Redwood Coast Transit at (707) 308-7433or dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

ADA Complaint Procedure

The complaint should be submitted by the complainant or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 180 calendar days after the alleged violation or discriminatory act.

All complaints or grievances shall be in writing and contain information about the alleged violation or discrimination, including name address, phone number of complainant and location, date, and description of the problem. The complaint should be submitted by the complainant or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 180 calendar days after the alleged violation or discriminatory act. Anonymous complaints or grievances will not be taken. Complaints or grievances will, to the greatest extent possible (see Evidence Code 1040), be kept confidential unless ordered released by a court of competent jurisdiction. Alternative means of filing complaints or grievances may be registered by phone, email (confidentiality cannot be assured), letter, personal interview, or tape recording for persons with a disability upon request.

The preferred method is to file your complaint in writing using the ADA & Accessibility Complaint Form.

Executive Director
Attn: ADA & Accessibility Comment
Redwood Coast Transit
140 Williams Drive
Crescent City, CA 95531

Verbal complaints will also be accepted and transcribed by Redwood Coast Transit staff. To make a verbal complaint or to receive more information on Redwood Coast Transit’s ADA & Accessibility Program, call (707) 308-7433 or dial 711 for the California Relay Service.

Complaints may also be filed directly with the Federal Transit Administration by filing a complaint with:

Federal Transit Administration
Office of Civil Rights
Attention: Complaint Team
East Building, 5th Floor –TCR
1200 New Jersey Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20590

Should a complaint be filed with Redwood Coast Transit and an external entity simultaneously, the external complaint shall supersede the Redwood Coast Transit complaint and Redwood Coast Transit’s complaint procedures will be suspended pending the external entity’s findings.


Within 10 working days of receipt of the formal complaint, the Executive Director will notify the complainant and begin an investigation (unless the complaint is filed with an external entity first or simultaneously). The investigation will address complaints against Redwood Coast Transit employees and contractors and it will be conducted in conjunction with and under the advice of Redwood Coast Transit’s Executive Director. The investigation may include discussion(s) of the complaint with all affected parties to determine the problem. The complainant may be represented by an attorney or another representative of his/her own choosing and may present testimony and evidence in the course of the investigation. The investigation will be conducted and completed within 60 days of the receipt of the formal complaint. Based upon all the information received, an investigation report will be written for submittal to the Executive Director. The complainant will receive a letter stating the final decision of the Executive Director by the end of the 60-day time limit. The complainant shall be notified of his/her right to appeal the decision. Appeals may be made to the DOT, the EEOC, or the DFEH.

If the information is needed in another language please call (707) 308-7433.
Si se necesita información en otro idioma, por favor llame al (707) 308-7433.


ADA Plan 2020 (.pdf)
Online Reasonable Modification Request Form
Online ADA Complaint Form

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