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Route 20 – Smith River / Crescent City / Arcata

In Smith River, connections are made Monday through Friday to the Curry Public Transit Coastal Express to Brookings and the Oregon Coast. Call 1-800-921-2871.In Crescent City, connections are made Monday through Friday to the Southwest Point Transit Route to Medford and Klamath Falls Oregon. Call 1-888-900-2609.

Service available to Del Norte County Airport in Crescent City and Arcata Airport in McKinleyville upon request. Call 707-464-6400 to reserve a deviation to the airport(s).

In Arcata, daily connections with Amtrak, Greyhound, Redwood Transit System, and Arcata & Mad River Transit.

We’ve Got Connections! SF Bay Area, Southern & Coastal Oregon.

Route 20 operates Monday through Saturday between Smith River and Arcata.

Schedules are timed for easy connections.

Effective December 13th, 2021

  • All 6:00pm Northbound trips between Crescent City and Smith River are eliminated, as is the 6:30pm Southbound return trip.
Smith River / Arcata (Southbound)
Smith River
Lucky 7 Store (Departs) 6:45 9:20 2:15
Old Ray’s Foods 6:50 9:25 2:20
Ft. Dick Market 6:58 9:33 2:28
Pelican Bay State Prison 7:00
J & L Market 7:05 9:40 2:35
Crescent City
College of Redwoods 7:13 9:48 2:43
Cultural Center 7:30 10:00 3:00
Klamath (Pem-Mey) 8:05 3:35
Klamath Glen 3:45
Prairie Creek S.P. 8:28 4:16
Orick Redwood N.P. Office 8:38 4:26
Visitor Ctr – R.N.P. 8:42 4:30
Arcata Transit Center (Arrive) 9:22 5:10
  1. Connect from Curry Public Transit
  2. Connect to Amtrak, Greyhound, and Redwood Transit System
  3. PM times shown in bold type
Arcata / Smith River (Northbound)
Arcata Transit Center (Departs) 10:00 5:50
Redwood N.P. Visitor Center 10:40 6:30
Orick – N.P. Office 10:44 6:34
Prairie Creek S.P. 10:54 6:44
Klamath Glen 11:27
Klamath (Pem-Mey) 11:37 7:07
Crescent City
Cultural Center 6:05 8:30 12:12*/

College of Redwoods 8:38 1:38
J & L Market 6:15 8:45 1:45
Pelican Bay State Prison
Ft. Dick Market 6:22 8:52 1:52
Smith River
Ray’s Food Place 6:30 9:00 2:00
Lucky 7 Casino (Arrives) 6:35 9:05 2:05

* This trip becomes Route 199 and stops at College 12:38pm

  1. Connect to Curry Public Transit to continue north to Oregon
  2. Connect from Amtrak, Greyhound, and Redwood Transit System
  3. PM times shown in bold type
In addition to the stops shown on this schedule, RCTA will make flag stops on request at any safe location as determined by the driver. Passengers desiring flag stops are encouraged to call RCTA at (707) 464-6400 to determine the best place to wait. Reservations are recommended. Passengers should limit luggage to items that they can manage without assistance, or to no more than two large suitcases. All buses are wheelchair accessible.

Download the April 6, 2020 Route 20 map and schedule (.pdf)

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